About Us

Based out of Halifax, Canada, Drinkable strives to empower water autonomy by providing unprecedented accessibility to water testing, risk literacy, and treatment guidance. With a background in venture capital, science, engineering, and as finalists in the 2020 Atlantic AquaHacking challenge Anita, Robert and Matt founded What the Well before transitioning over to Drinkable Water Solutions Inc. in early 2021. Shortly after the rebrand, Quincy and Jeff joined Drinkable focusing on finance, and software development, respectively.


The Drinkable team and its partners are currently developing a nano-material-based sensor system that will pave the way for unparalleled water quality literacy and awareness. Implementing this at scale will usher in a new era of global water security; saving millions of lives, and generating considerable returns for the investors willing to support us.


We’re excited to see our hard work in the real world and cannot wait until 2024 – the public release date of our first breakthrough.

Our Team

Matthew Mizzi
Anita Taylor
Anita Taylor
Robert Afari
Quincy Cochrane
Quincy Cochrane

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